Instead of awarding individual inspiration whenever someone earns it, a point will be added to an inspiration pool ("the ring"), from which anyone can draw at any time.
In addition to being awarded by the DM, players can call for an Inspiration point to be awarded for the actions of other players.
Some fights will have an Inspiration point cap of X points or X points per player, at the DM's discrection, and only 1 point per round can be used.

The ring can't have more than 6 points on it at the end of a session. Any excess will be lost. This number will increase in conjunction with certain in game events…

Ways to earn it:

  • Having a portrait/mini/backstory (1 point each, 3 points for mini if it looks like your character and is painted)
  • Good role playing
  • Bad ass heroics
  • Hilarious jokes
  • Quality team work
  • Creative ideas
  • DM bribery
  • Bringing snacks/drinks to the game*
  • Arriving on time* (A bonus inspiration awarded if everyone is on time!)

    • *These will earn 1 Inspiration per 2 players doing so.

Ways to spend it:

  • Gain advantage or lose disadvantage on a roll
  • Give me disadvantage or make me lose advantage on a roll
  • Turn a fumble into a regular miss (to avoid drawing a card)
  • Buy a Good Luck card
  • Discard a Bad Luck card
  • Gain a small benefit or hint in a situation or negate a complication (DM discretion). An Inspiration will not be spent if there's no hint to give, etc.
    "You sense some treasure nearby"
                 "Good thing that bubgear we killed has a vial of acid around his neck!"
    "I'm well versed in slippery surfaces, being from the North, so I have no problem running across the ice, unlike the goblin I'm chasing."

As with any rules, these are subject to change or be modified as best suits the game.



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